Submission 0311-GREEN

Submitter: William Green

Community: Burlington

Date Submitted: October 25, 2023

Drift net fishing and the use of sonar have a devastating effect on Fraser sockeye. Consequently, the commission should recommend limits on the number of vessels from Canada and the U.S. that may engage in the commercial fishery, that all nets be limited to 100 meters or less and that enforcement efforts be increased to prevent overfishing. B.C. salmon are a Canadian resource and must be protected by Canadian law against predatory fishers.

Dear Cohen Commissioners:
As you are all well aware, salmon-like many other species on the planet are migratory and their annual migration is-for the most part-predictable within a matter of days/hours and route followed.

During the last 30 years in particular, man has created a less hospitable environment for these and all sea creatures, however, in the case of a predictable migratory species like the salmon, drift net fishing and use of sonar have had-and will continue to have a devastating effect on the species.
In keeping with your mandate, i.e.; “to develop recommendations for improving the future sustainability of the sockeye salmon fishery in the Fraser River including, as required, any changes to the policies, practices and procedures of the Department in relation to the management of the Fraser River sockeye salmon fishery,”

I sincerely believe you will recommend Limits on:
a). the numbers of vessels from each country allowed to engage in this (or any) fishery.
b). the length of all nets be limited to 100m or less.
c). RCN &/or CCG Vessels be despatched to ensure overfishing is not employed by any vessel or country along this species migratory route.

It is your duty to see that the West Coast Salmon Fishery does not go the way of the East Coast Cod Fishery.
BC Salmon are a CANADIAN RESOURCE and need to be PROTECTED by CANADIAN LAW-wherever situated-even in International Waters-against all Predatory Fisher’s practices.

Please do your duty.

W. Green
Burlington, CANADA

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