Submission 0309-MACINTOSH

Submitter: Linda MacIntosh

Community: Vancouver

Date Submitted: October 24, 2023

The attached report, “Evaluating Alaska’s Ocean-Ranching Salmon Hatcheries”, identifies four potential impacts of hatchery salmon on wild salmon: genetic risk from straying and mixing populations, fish disease transfer, strain on the carrying capacity of the ocean, and the accidental catch of wild salmon in hatchery salmon fisheries. The commission should consider these impacts, particularly the second and fourth impact, in its investigation of Fraser sockeye.

Dear Judge Cohen;

The watershed watch society is one of many organizations concerned about the additional strain on our oceans with the introduction of hatchery fish. Over the years, the Pacific Northwest has seen a massive increase in the numbers of hatchery, or ranched salmon. Today there is over 5 billion introduced annually.

I have attached a comprehensive report that that was prepared for Trout Unlimited. “Evaluating Alaska’s Ocean Ranching Salmon Hatcheries”.

In this report they highlight many areas of concern – specifically, the potential impacts this man-made enterprise may have on natural wild fish and salmon:

1. Genetic risk from straying and mixing populations.
2. Fish disease transfer from hatchery to wild.
3. Carrying capacity of ocean (ie. food availability)
4. Accidental catch of wild salmon whilst targeting hatchery salmon.

Points 2 and 4 are of specific concern to me, and should be to the Cohen Inquiry as well. On page 8 of the report, it states that there are records of fish disease amongst the Alaska hatcheries. The Judge should ask for these records and review whether there was any risk of transfer to Fraser sockeye during 2007. In addition, there was record catches in Alaska during 2009, and it is very possible that Fraser sockeye were “accidentally” harvested within the salmon fishery that summer/fall.

This issue is important to many people. Please ensure the Commission investigate the potential impacts of hatchery releases specific to the Fraser sockeye.

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Thank you Linda