Submission 0307-WOOD

Submitter: Lorraine Wood

Community: Vavenby

Date Submitted: October 22, 2023

Commercial fishing should not occur in sheltered and inland waters, smaller nets must be used by all fishers, fish farms should be fallowed, enforcement and information gathering must be improved, and a plan for abnormally hot years must be developed.

i attended the hearing in Kamloops last night and have looked at some of the submissions and agree all of these things affect the sockeye. I fish a native food fishery just above Hells Gate and the things we wonder about when we are fishing are: 1- why is there commercial fishing in the sheltered and inland waters? 2-why are the Stolo nets so big?(when the Stolo have a fish opening we have no fish in the river in a normal year, and why hasn’t there been a review up river from the Stolo) 3- and why is there no one to collect information about the fish from me, I am standing at the water holding the fish. 4-A plan for abnormally hot years needs to be ready to go. In 04 the sockeye were dying by the time they got to Boston Bar from a lice holes and hot water combination. The bears quit fishing. Smaller nets all around, fish farm fallowing, commercial outside only, common sense, every day of the run make sure some fish make it home to spawn and have a place to spawn. Thank You

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