Submission 0290-MACNEILL

Submitter: james macneill

Community: vancouver

Date Submitted: October 15, 2023

Ocean fish farming supports the coastal economy, particularly in areas hard hit by the decline of forestry, and it provides employment for First Nations and remote communities. Anti-fish farm activists are funded by U.S. groups whose purpose is the destruction of the aquaculture industry and the loss of B.C. jobs. It is disturbing that the media reports the claims of anti-fish farm activists as truth. The record 2010 return of Fraser sockeye shows that wild salmon can thrive in the presence of fish farms.

As an environmentalist, I support ocean fish farming in British Columbia. It contributes to our coastal economy and particularly in those areas hit hard by declining forestry industries etc. Fish Farming provides employment for 1st Nations and others in remote areas where few opportunities exist. Traditional fisheries and fish farmers can work together as distinct industries. It disturbs me to listen to the delusional rants of anti fishing farming activists in BC who are funded to the tune of “millions of dollars” by US funded groups whose purpose is the destruction of this industry and the loss of jobs for British Columbians. It is even more upsetting when the media picks up on the agenda of these activists and prints it as “the gospel truth” Nothing could be further from the truth and the public is duped into believing that what they read in the newspaper and see on TV is factual. The 100 year record historical returns of 2010 Sockeye paints a different picture – the true story. Wild Salmon thrive in the presence of Fish Farms on the British Columbia coast.

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