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Submitter: Ron Kyle

Community: goldriver

Date Submitted: October 15, 2023

Despite claims that the aquaculture industry is responsible for the collapse of wild sockeye, 2010 saw the best returns of wild salmon in perhaps 100 years. It should not be forgotten that the aquaculture industry, which provides healthy food and jobs, was started in response to the collapse of salmon runs due to overfishing, mining and logging near salmon streams, and environmental factors.

How do we have aquaculture co-existing with wild salmon for the last 20 years in Bc and still have wild salmon left to harvest if the industry is so destructive I ask myself. Was it not only 6 months ago that there was a anti salmon farm walk from the north to south of Vancouver Island claiming the industry was responsible for the collapse of the sockeye and now the best returns in a 100 years perhaps is what may happen. Now lets remember not to believe everything we read for or against the industry. In my opinion aquaculture is a safe,renewable source of healthy food that provides families around the province and world for that matter with work directly and indirectly year round. Let’s not forget that fish farms started because the salmon runs had collapsed from over fishing,mining and logging near salmon bearing streams and oh ya all those natural causes of death from massive harmful algae blooms mixed with extreme low oxygen that varies from area to area and year to year naturally killing the wild stocks. Save The Wild And Eat Farmed Salmon….your heart will thank you later

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