Submission 0282-WOODWORTH

Submitter: Sabra Woodworth

Community: North Vancouver

Date Submitted: October 14, 2023

(The attached document was provided to the commission at the Chilliwack public forum as part of the submission by Sabra Woodworth.)

The attached presentation focuses on the commission’s investigation of DFO practices. It reviews previous reports on Fraser sockeye, including numerous Auditor General reports, and argues that these reports form the context within which the commission’s terms of reference must be understood. The presentation argues that DFO’s habitat impact assessments, monitoring plans, and mitigation measures, particularly as they relate to fish farming, are inadequate or nonexistent. It suggests that DFO’s mandate to promote aquaculture is in direct competition with its mandate to protect wild salmon, and that by refusing to classify it as a fishery DFO has avoided its responsibility to regulate aquaculture. It recommends that DFO be divided into a Department of Aquaculture and a Department of Fisheries and that disease and sea lice monitoring of the aquaculture industry be enhanced.

This submission was presented at the Chilliwack public forum on September 29, 2010.

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