Submission 0271-REZANSOFF

Submitter: Bob Rezansoff

Community: Delta

Date Submitted: October 13, 2023

(The attached documents were provided to the commission at the New Westminster public forum as part of the submission by Bob Rezansoff.)

The attached presentation argues that there is currently too much focus on conservation and that any discussion of the sustainability of Fraser sockeye should include consideration of the sustainability of the fishing industry. It suggest that protecting weak stocks through escapement targets has a detrimental effect on stronger stocks and on the industry, and that due to political expediency, there are currently substantial unreported fisheries which impede fisheries management. It describes the importance of protecting salmon habitat and advocates the use of an individual transferable quota system for all salmon fisheries. It includes a list of specific recommendations and concludes by suggesting that much academic research and public opinion on fisheries has been shaped by the influence of wealthy charitable foundations.

This submission was presented at the New Westminter public forum on September 20, 2010.

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100920 – Rezanoff Presentation.pdf

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