Submission 0267-STIEDA

Submitter: Sieglinde STIEDA

Community: Mission

Date Submitted: October 10, 2023

The commission should recommend that salmon farms be closed, that the paving over of wetlands and streams be stopped, that salmon ecology be added to the curriculum in B.C. schools and that public education about the importance of salmon be increased.

Please help us save the salmon by:
1. to close down salmon farms in open waters
2. to slow down or stop the paving over of wetlands, and streams – both current salmon streams and streams that could be salmon streams if they were cleaned up
3. to put salmon ecology on the curriculum of K to gr 12 in all BC schools. create more public education on the importance of the salmon for life in BC
I am sure you have received submissions which give you plenty of scientific data as to why the above suggestions/recommendations should happen.
Sieglinde Stieda,
resident of Mission on the Fraser where wetlands are paved over to make a bigger highway that only the greedy want and where two streams are in danger of being paved over….

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