Submission 0263-HAWKSHAW

Submitter: Fred and Linda Hawkshaw

Community: Terrace

Date Submitted: October 7, 2023

(The attached documents were provided to the commission at the Prince Rupert public forum.)

DFO’s mitigation of by-catch in commercial fisheries must be improved. The commission should recommend that the maximum mesh size and hang-ratio of conventional gill nets be reformatted, which would permit larger sockeye to escape to spawning grounds. The commission should also investigate DFO’s advisory board process, the interception of Fraser sockeye by Alaskan fisheries and the implications of size-selective fishing for salmon biology.

This submission was presented at the Prince Rupert public forum on September 1, 2010.

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100901 – Fred Hawkshaw Public Submission_final.pdf

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100901 – Hawkshaw Presentation.pdf

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