Submission 0250-MCISAAC

Submitter: Jim McIsaac

Community: Victoria

Date Submitted: October 4, 2023

(The attached documents were provided to the commission at the Victoria public forum as part of the submission by Jim McIsaac.)

The attached documents outline Jim McIsaac’s fisheries experience and provide commentary on the difficulty of achieving accurate stock assessments, the impact of predators on Fraser sockeye, the implications of the Pacific Salmon Treaty for commercial fishers, discrepancies in DFO’s counts of the 2010 Fraser sockeye return, and pesticides in the aquatic environment, as well as recommendations for achieving a sustainable Fraser sockeye fishery.

This submission was presented at the Victoria public forum on September 16, 2010.

Submission Files:

File 1:

Cohen Commission.pdf

File 2:

McIssac Cohen Sept 2010.pdf

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