Submission 0194-PEARLMAN

Submitter: Myra Pearlman

Community: Vancouver

Date Submitted: September 15, 2023

The commission should recommend the removal of fish farms from the migratory routes of wild salmon in order to reduce their exposure to sea lice, which in sufficient numbers kill smolts.

September 14

I am writing to express my concern at the management of wild salmon in British Columbia. The return of the sockeye has been amazing and has reminded us of the unique ability of this fish to sustain us all. Yet, I must express my concerns regarding sea lice. I was fortunate enough to catch 4 sockeye and this is what I found:
1. 50% of these fish has sea lice attached to them … that is 2 of the 4 fish
2. One fish had 5 sea lice attached and the other 7 sea lice attached

On full grown fish this is problematic, but not life threatening. This is not the case with the smolts as they return to the sea. Five to seven sea lice on a smolt means DEATH!! It is up to us to ensure these smolts have a chance of survival. This means minimizing their exposure to sea lice!

Please remove the salmon farms from our inlets so that the salmon smolts have a chance. Salmon farms can be done in containers on land … where they belong.

You and members of your commission have an unique opportunity to ensure that wild salmon survive! I hope you have the courage necessary to make this happen.


Myra Pearlman

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