Submission 0191-BRUMMEL

Submitter: Debi Brummel

Community: Courtenay

Date Submitted: September 15, 2023

Open net pen fish farms spread filth and disease to wild salmon. The integrity of the Salish Sea and its freshwater sources must be maintained. Predation is not a cause of the decline of Fraser sockeye.

Hello Judge Cohen,
Fish farms not practicing closed containment and spreading their introduced, farmed, species filth and diseases to our BC wild salmon.
Continued civilization encroachment is what is killing the whole world, cities especially!
Maintaining the integrity of the Salish Sea and it’s fresh water sources would also help the Fraser Sockeye.
I note that the Puntledge River Enhancement Soc. advises killing the seals. However, the seals don’t overpopulate the earth, produce and flush chemicals, drugs, pesticides, mine tailings, lead, dioxins, PCBs, anti-fouling paint, other inferior species of fish, etc… into our waters.
Perhaps we should regulate the number of people being born and moving here, thereby easing demand. Or, maybe we shouldn’t export so much raw BC product.
Thanks for asking,
Debi Brummel

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