Submission 0188-MCBRIDE

Submitter: Deb McBride

Community: Squamish

Date Submitted: September 15, 2023

The commission should consider protecting estuaries a priority, and recommend that salmon migration routes be kept free of fish farms and pollution.

Hello All!

It is a great event for the public to have the opportunity to speak freely regarding the plight of the salmon. Thousands of us are grateful for this event, the Cohen Commission and extremely grateful there are Salmon to Save!

I have been active in promoting the protection of the Squamish Estuary for 3 decades. I hope you will consider protecting estuaries a first priority.

Secondly, the salmon fry must migrate and the migration route must be Free of Fish Farms and pollution, please.

The Salmon will do the rest, God and Man Willing!
Salmon must Survive from Stream to Sea and Back to Spawn!

Thank you for your participation and willingness to assist in ensuring Salmon Survival!

If I could leave here to visit w/You, I would… this brief Plea will have to do to remind you Salmon need Protection!

Thank you for doing all you can with your great powers to Protect Salmon!


Deb McBride

Ensure “Fry Survival from Stream to Sea and Back to Spawn!”


Protect Wild Salmon, Petition:

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