Submission 0164-KNOWLES

Submitter: Tricia Knowles

Community: Prince Rupert

Date Submitted: August 29, 2023

Aquaculture represents only one part of the commission’s mandate. Individuals who are truly concerned about aquaculture should also be requesting the commission to investigate B.C. wild hatchery output and disease records, as well as the effect of Alaskan ocean ranched salmon on wild stocks and the interception of Fraser sockeye by commercial fisheries in other areas.

If “aquaculture” is only one part of the Commission’s mandate to investigate, then why are so many submissions about fish farms – that’s only one part of aquaculture which is only one of the areas of interest.

I agree fish farms should be looked at, but this focus is quite obvious and very annoying. Is there an effort by a few individuals to make fish farms a focus because they are interested in seeing market competition wiped out? Are they actually paid to make this noise and ‘rally the masses’?

If they were trully concerned about “aquaculture”, then they would also be requesting that the Commission look into wild salmon hatchery outputs and disease records in BC, and also the effects of ocean ranched salmon in Alaska (disease transfer, feed consumption, interbreeding) and interception of Fraser sockeye during the commercial catches of hatchery salmon in northern regions.

Seems this focus on fish farms is narrow minded and political. I trust Judge Cohen is able to filter this “noise” out.

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Name: priscilla judd

Date Created: October 6, 2023

I too wondered about fish hatcheries so I went for a tour. Eggs are painted in iodine to protect from disease. Salmon are not raised to adults (as with fish farms) Unlike fish farms hatcheries do not pour tons of fish sewage into wild fish habitat. They do not pour bleach into fish habitat. Hatcheries do not put pesticide directly into the water.

The only fish hatchery that should be stopped is the one in PEI that’s hatching Genetically Engineered salmon. If by mistake GE salmon get released into BC’s water it’ll cause mass extinction to wild salmon.

No one is paid to go against fishfarms or rally for wild salmon. Wild salmon are a lot more than competition for farmed salmon. Wild Salmon spawn in our rivers bringing nutrients to the forest. They feed the inland First Nations, feed the bears and eagles and other wild creatures. Wild salmon represent the history of our homeland. Wild salmon nourish our spirit. I hope that you can witness our wild salmon run this year. Its a miracle!