Submission 0159-BRYLA

Submitter: Ken Bryla

Community: Campbell River

Date Submitted: August 25, 2023

Wild salmon are not declining due to salmon farms, but rather due to habitat loss caused by humans.

Salmon were dissapearing long before any salmon farms were in BC. The reason Salmon are declining is because Humans are the ultimate bacteria and will stop at nothing to wipe out all of natures wonderful creations for profit and personal comfort.Salmon dissapear because we have chosen to decimate their habittat plain and simple.Stop pointing fingers and take some responsibility for your own actions that contribute to the decline of all species.

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Name: priscilla judd

Date Created: October 6, 2023

I agree that we need to restore salmon habitat. Take responsibility for the silted rivers and stop logging the water sheds. Fix our sewage systems. but that’s not a reason to overlook the tons of sewage being dumped into ocean habitat by fish farms – fish farms release pesticide directly into the water and the bleach directly into the waters that are also fish habitat.

You are right on about our capacity for making wild salmon extinct – and fish farms are part of that man made disaster that contributes to the problems for wild salmon survival.