Submission 0150-PAISLEY

Submitter: Jeanette Paisley

Community: Delta

Date Submitted: August 19, 2023

Farmed salmon should not be labelled organic. Open-net pen fish farms should be discontinued or be moved to closed systems to prevent wild salmon from being contaminated.

I must strongly disagree with the labelling of farmed salmon as “organic.” How can it possibly be organic when the feed contains a multitude of pesticides in order for the fish to remain “healthy.” Other items that are grown organically are grown without the use of pesticides, in natural conditions. Open-net fish farms should be discontinued and, if we must have farmed salmon, they should be produced in closed systems, so that our wild salmon are not contaminated. But to call the farmed salmon “organic” is quite a misnomer and will greatly confuse the consumer. People associate the word “organic” with being as nearly pure as can be. Farmed salmon does not meet this meaning.

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