Submission 1167-CLARK

Submitter: Dale Clark

Community: Mission

Date Submitted: December 22, 2023

Fish farms should be made to conform with laws that protect the environment.

My points on why the existing fish farms need to change has always been away from the main stream as I am by no means qualified to make comments on viruses etc or wheather they are related to these farms.

My concern is two fold. Firstly why are these so called farmers allowed to dump raw sewage into the environment, not to mention anti-biotics and who know what else, nobody else in this country is allowed to do that. Secondly why if this is such an environmentaly friendly and sustainable way of producing protien from live stock are these farms all located in some of the most remote locations on our coast where normal people can not see what is going on.

I have recreationally fished close to a couple of these pen farms and it is not nice being near them. It is much like driving by a feed lot for beef cattle except you are not in a car or on a highway but rather in one of the most remote palces on the planet and you know that the animal feces, excess feed, medications and most likely any garbage that the operation produces is just going straight to the bottom.

I think that these operations have a lot to hide and that they should be made to conform with all of laws of Canada that protect our environment from this kind of industrial abuse and I think that if that were to occur those farm would very quickly be up on shore where they belong.

Yours Truly
Dale B. Clark

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