Submission 1163-DOUMENC

Submitter: Ivan Doumenc

Community: Vancouver

Date Submitted: December 19, 2023

Links to blog entries about the commission’s proceedings.

I am submitting the following entries from by blog as my public submissions to the Cohen Commission.

Those blog posts capture my personal experience with the Commission’s proceedings, what I understood of them, and what message about them I have conveyed over the months to my friends.

Wild salmon alliances

Salmon connections

Conflict of knowledge (1)

Conflict of knowledge (2)

The power of Bullshit

Salmon-industrial complex in damage control

Kristi’s choice

The Lion

The ugly face of state repression

Manufactured disaster

Ghost river

Open letter to Dr. Gary Marty


Email exchange with Dr. Gary Marty

Salmongate phase two

Our finest hour

Joseph Beres, CFIA: “we are turning the PR tide to our favour”

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