Submission 1070-OUELLETTE

Submitter: Dennis Ouellette

Community: Prince George

Date Submitted: December 14, 2023

The hearings on ISAv should be live streamed.

I am a 58 year old aboriginal residential homeowner and registered voter who has maintained an active interest in off-shore salmon farms for the last 5 years. Every scrap of information until your commission became involved has been nothing short of ridiculously hard to find. Since the commission opened this past year I have seen the BC Government and the Federal DFO exposed as ‘liars’ and ‘deceivers’ in their endeavors to contain information regarding the real threat to our coastal wild salmon stocks…just for the sake of certain business interests. I have written letters to everyone I could verify involved in this fiasco with virtually no responses….or challenges to what I’ve witnessed from the perimeter. My worst fears concerning the covering up of information which is my right to see have become ‘real’….as I am witness to through the news items coming forward through the Cohen Commission. I implore you to allow live streaming of the proceedings during December, 2011 so I can witness first-hand to all as it is happening.

Dennis Ouellette
Metis Nation of British Columbia

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