Submission 0691-REID

Submitter: Dennis Reid

Community: Victoria

Date Submitted: August 31, 2023

Everyone connected with the commission’s proceedings should transparently declare any connections they may have with the fish farms.

Make panel and witnesses sign affidavits regarding any funding they receive from fish farms.

It was very disappointing to listen to the scientists one after the other deny and distance themselves from their own science and published papers regarding salmon and fish farms.

It makes those documents, which should be reliable, seem suspect. It also suggests that all panel, all Cohen staff, all lawyers, witnesses, scientists, DFO employees and other commentators should sign affidavits laying out their connections to fish farms.

This means any money or value taken personally or for research or for any other purpose as well as any bodies, associations or other groups on which the person may sit with fish farm representatives and may receive funding or other value directly or indirectly from fish farms now or in the past or agreed for future payment.

I make this suggestion as a very well researched document on, details what the Norwegian derivatives did to discredit a 2004 Science article and all environmental, and other complaints in Scotland. This was so far reaching that it reads like a Hollywood movie and is both grim and alarming.

I think that persons connected with the proceedings should clearly and transparently lay on the record any connections they may have with the Norwegian derivative fish farms.

Thank you

DC Reid

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Comment List

Name: Laura Proctor

Date Created: September 4, 2023

I feel that if this suggestion is not taken seriously and implemented very publicly, I would find it impossible to take the results of this commission seriously. I do not believe that BUSINESS should come before FAMILIES and real PEOPLE.
Thank you for your work in this matter.