Submission 0064-ENEVOLDSEN

Submitter: David Enevoldsen

Community: San Jose

Date Submitted: June 15, 2023

Contaminants in the Fraser River and fish farms are decimating wild salmon stocks. Salmon farms should be moved inland and the contaminants in the Fraser River should be studied and then reduced through strict regulations.

As a Canadian and avid fisherman I can say from experience that fish do not thrive in streams or rivers which human beings use to dispose of the types of contaminants found in the Fraser. As well, the folly of open cage salmon farms is that they are guaranteed to decimate wild salmon stocks because of sea lice so here is what needs to be done: 1) Move all salmon farms inland. 2) Conduct an extensive review of all contaminants found in the Fraser with respect to source, amounts, toxicity, etc. 3) Enforce a strict set of regulations to reduce (or eliminate) contaminants in the Fraser to levels that do not impact fish or other native species. Do this or fail! It’s that simple.

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