Submission 0638-WADLEY

Submitter: Gordon Wadley

Community: Smithers

Date Submitted: August 29, 2023

The Commissioner must sanction those responsible for harming wild salmon stocks.

Justice Cohen
With some of the critical evidence finally on the table it should follow that those who have perpetrated this folly should now be sanctioned. There can no longer be any doubt as to the complicity of the federal govt agencies and PM Office, and BC Govt in this deadly game on our coasts. The fish farmers had full knowledge of the dangers inherent in their industry and virtually every scientist involved from that point whether agency or industry also knew the risks. The fact that they deliberatley turned a blind eye cannot be accepted.
The fallout from your findings (assuming you will follow the truth) may well be huge and lead to extensive law suits and political repercussions but are essential to finding our way back to stewardship of our resources and ultimately some control in our future. To not find those complicit in this disaster responsible would in itself be criminal.
Gord wadley

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Name: Bruce Probert

Date Created: September 2, 2023

Words of Wisdom.

Is anyone in government employ interested?

Of course some are.

To believe otherwise, is in my mind, similar to an admission of defeat.

While some pay attention, (many may look, though few, actually “SEE”.

Or not.

Their may be much wiser choices made in the future, but is there any way this idea could actually effect dfo management policies?

I don’t know.

Does anyone?

Bruce Probert