Submission 0050-CLARK

Submitter: Dale Clark

Community: Mission

Date Submitted: May 24, 2023

Fish farms along Fraser River sockeye salmon migration routes are dumping highly concentrated amounts of livestock waste, feces and medication directly into the surrounding environment. This waste must be contained immediately.

This is my second submission to the commission my first being made on May 02/10 and number 40 (which is in itself appalling) Again my issue is open net fish farms and again I am requesting immediate containment of wastes.

This issue is significant to this inquiry for its potential to impact Sockeye migrating to and from the open ocean and the Fraser River. I have been communicating my negative opinion via email on this topic with my local MLA, the MP office never once responded to me, about how these ‘farmers’ are at an unfair advantage in the market place simply because the do not have to abide by the laws of Canada and British Columbia regarding waste disposal.
The laws I refer to are not only the Fisheries Act but the more down to earth basic laws about polluting by dumping highly concentrated amounts of livestock waste, feces and medication, directly into the environment. We learned this stuff many years ago I thought but now all of a sudden it seems we need scientific prove that the practice is a problem to our environment.
This is an easy fix. Contain them period. If I remember correctly the dairy, beef to a certain extent as there is a lot free range, pig and poultry farmers, along the Fraser corridor, all cried out, that they would go broke for having to do it but it was for the greater good and they did it and low and behold like all farmers before them they found a way and are still there farming so that you and I can eat and they can make a profit and we can all have a sip at the local to celebrate it.

Yours truly

Dale B. Clark

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