Submission 0478-MORRY

Submitter: Mike Morry

Community: Brentwood Bay

Date Submitted: March 17, 2024

The commission should consider shutting down the commercial net fishery, which would immediately benefit all wild salmon. Like other agricultural products, all fish for human consumption should be supplied by fish farms, and wild fish should be left to the sport fishery.

Most of the submissions are anti-fish farm retoric with very little value as to solutions to the health of Fraser sockeye and other populations of pacific salmon. I would suggest that the commission consider shutting down commercial net fishing completely. This would be of immediate benefit to all wild salmon. There is no such thing as commercial hunting anymore, our meat is supplied by farms. Fish farms should supply all the fish we need for our markets and the wild fish left for the sport fishing industry, which by the way is of far greater value than commercial fishing.

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