Submission 0450-TASKER

Submitter: James Tasker

Community: Sudbury

Date Submitted: February 18, 2024

It is very discouraging to watch the vitality of the BC salmon fishery wane under DFO oversight. A growing body of evidence indicates a correlation between in-ocean aquaculture and disease outbreaks in wild ocean fish. The commission should protect BC waters from disease, chemical contamination and environmental degradation, and it should recommend the establishment of a data-driven, transparent and scientific process for understanding how to protect salmon stocks while supporting a sustainable wild fishery.

It is very discouraging to watch the general vitality of the BC salmon fishery, and its Fraser River run in particular, wane under Canada’s Department of Fisheries (DFO) management oversight down through the years, especially recalling the demise of Canada’s east coast cod fishery while it was similarly under DFO’s direct control and stewardship.

Meanwhile, a growing body of evidence informs of a correlation that exists between the practice of industrial in-ocean aquaculture and the rise of serious environmental disease outbreaks in wild ocean fish throughout the world where aquaculture has been allowed to operate.

Protect the BC water commons from disease, chemical contamination, and private exploitation to the detriment of the environment and collective interests of the greater public. Also, please establish a data driven, transparent, and scientific basis of understanding for how to protect Fraser River salmon stocks while allowing, if possible, a sustainable wild fishery to operate for the greater good of the regional ecosystem.

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