Submission 0382-PRENTICE

Submitter: john prentice

Community: Richmond

Date Submitted: December 14, 2023

Removing fish farms from the ocean will eliminate a potential cause of the decline of wild sockeye, narrowing the focus to other variables, such as pollution in the Fraser River. Removing fish farms will also restore balance to the marine environment.

I believe that in order to determine the decline in our wild sock-eye salmon.
We need to identify the variables that are impacting on this fish.
I say remove the fish farms out of the Marine ecosystem and place them on the land into closed containment.
Then, by doing this, we will have removed one factor, and then we can narrow down the variables. I know the Fraser river is polluted, so these fish can be compromised from the very start.
Please remove the fish farms, to restore the natural balance in the Marine environment, on B.C.’s coast.

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