Submission 0139-YOUNG

Submitter: Cameron Young

Community: Victoria

Date Submitted: August 3, 2023

Salmon activists should consider the plight of salmon stocks elsewhere in the world. It is Canada’s duty to work with other countries to preserve wild salmon from overfishing and disease.

I am simply a normal person who does not want to see the salmon go the way of the Atlantic cod. This isn’t just for Canada, though; too often are salmon activists zealously guarding Canadian salmon stocks, yelling about how they are iconic to Canada, and how it’s our duty as Canadian citizens etc etc.
That is too self-centered of a thought. What about salmon in other parts of the world? Salmon in the US, in Russia, in Japan and Hawaii and Taiwan? Undoubtedly their stocks are suffering just as much, if not more, than ours are. It is our duty, beyond anything else, to set a precedent and work with other countries everywhere on how to preserve our salmon from overfishing and disease.
Maybe we’ll take it a bit more seriously when it’s not all about us.

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