Submission 1160-PROBERT

Submitter: Bruce Probert

Community: Aldergrove

Date Submitted: December 19, 2023

A document shows that the government does not intend to settle land claims at the expense of the non-native fishing community.

I have hard copy of government documents:
” Fish will undoubtedly be a major component of any settlement. It is not, however, the intention of this government to settle the land claims at THE EXPENSE of the NON-NATIVE FISHING COMMUNITY.

Page, 3, Dec 8, 2023 .response from BILL McKnight , Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development.


” While we were close to finalizing this proposal,
It has BECOME EVIDENT that adoption of IQs and the Associated WINDFALL PROFITS that this will generate for FISHERMEN, will significantly INCREASE the COST of Future LAND CLAIMS SETTLEMENTS”.

The fix IS IN.

Bruce Probert

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