How to Get Involved

We invite you to revisit this page in order to obtain the latest information about participating in the commission’s work.

The commission will facilitate public input and discussion, and as its work progresses, specific opportunities for involvement will be described on this website.

The commission’s mandate will be of interest to many in the scientific and fisheries communities. We invite such persons to revisit this website for information about participating without a formal grant of standing.

Public submissions and hearings

Members of the public may participate in the inquiry by making public submissions. To make a public submission, visit the Public Submissions page. As the commission’s work progresses, other opportunities will be described on this website.

Members of the public may also attend the commission’s public hearings. Participation in the hearings, however, is restricted to persons granted formal standing PDF Acrobat File (called “participants”). A schedule of public hearings, and a list of participants who have been granted standing, will be available on the website once this information is known. At this point, hearings are scheduled for 23-24 March 2010, for oral hearings on standing and for funding recommendations, as necessary.

Transcripts of the public hearings will be posted on the commission’s website in English and French. The website will also contain research-related reports, formal Notices and news releases. Individuals who wish to stay informed of the commission’s progress are invited to review these resources as they become available.


A “participant” is a person whom the Commissioner is satisfied has a substantial and direct interest in the subject matter of the inquiry and to whom the Commissioner has formally granted standing PDF Document.

The Commissioner, has granted standing in the Inquiry to 20 persons and groups. For more information on the Ruling on Standing and the complete list of participants and joint participants, view: